noor 10006

She was a spy for the British in France, where she was the only wireless operator on staff. All the others had been captured. The life expectancy of one in this role was 6 weeks. But still she stayed.

She felt a strong duty to help. As in her words, “I wish some Indians would win high military distinction in this war. If one or two could do something in the Allied service which was very brave and which everybody admired it would help to make a bridge between the English people and the Indians.” 

After 5 months though, she too was captured. In captivity she told her captors lies. Then she escaped. But then she was betrayed and captured once more.

She was brought to Dachau. Where for a day she was beaten. Still she didn’t tell the Nazi’s anything. The German firing squad raised their weapons. And she still didn’t tell them anything.

Her last word was “Liberte”.

This is Noor Inayat Khan.

Photo source: & Nekbakht Foundation

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